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IBM Research - Almaden

Almaden Research Center

Welcome to IBM Research - Almaden, one of eight laboratories worldwide that make up IBM Research. Located about 55 miles southeast of San Francisco, the lab sits on 690 acres in the foothills above Silicon Valley.

Almaden has a rich history of achievement including a legacy of disk drive innovation, the creation of an industry - our researchers invented the relational database, establishing the emerging discipline of service science, in addition to being referred to as "the Kitty Hawk of nanotechnology".

Almaden's staff of researchers, engineers, scientists and visiting staff carries out its job of ensuring IBM's future success in two primary ways: by advancing fundamental scientific understanding and by working closely with IBM product developers to use this knowledge to create and improve IBM offerings.

The major areas of research at Almaden are Science & Technology, including fundamental science, nanotechnology, spin physics and photoresists; Computer Science, with work in areas such content management, human-computer interaction, text analytics, services-oriented architectures and most recently healthcare informatics; Service Science Research, focusing on large scale, people-and information-intensive challenges and Storage Systems, from storage and file systems to server software and systems management. Additionally, technology licensing is a key element in our value creation strategy and a source of significant mutual benefits for IBM Research and its external partners.

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IBM Research - Almaden

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